We welcome you at New Life School & College of Nursing !

New Life School of Nursing was established with the sole motive of promoting quality nursing education in this highly competitive age. Education is a must but quality education is the order of the day, as new researches are on the surface with each passing day.
For this purpose the management of the New Life School & College of Nursing which is being run under the auspices of New Life Health Care Society has hired the services of most experienced and qualified faculty who are well known in the field of nursing education. The school is housed in an imposing building with all modern facilities. Class rooms are spacious and ventilated. For the benefit of the students we have rich library with reading room. This is a lending library and books can be issued to students for preparation of notes and enriching their store of knowledge.

Students from all nook and corners of Pakistan are studying in New Life School & College of Nursing irrespective of religion, race, color and ethnicity. Here you will be amused to see the great harmony among the students belonging to different race and religion. There is unity in diversity.

The management of New Life School & College of Nursing welcomes you once again with open arms to make you useful citizen of this great country and an asset for your family who have high expectations from you.

New Life School & College of Nursing