Academic Rules and Regulations

College Hours
College remains in session from Monday to Saturday during 3 Pm to 9 Pm.

All the students are bound to pay their tuition, enrollment and examination fees advised by university within the deadline.

Attendance Policy
Atleast 85 % attendance is required by each student in theory classes and practical. However, incase of emergency/sickness, students may miss up to 15 (3 days), cumulatively of classes.

If a student misses more than 15% (3 days), cumulatively per semester, he/she may be asked to repeat the semester or be withdrawn from the programme.

All students’ must be in the class room according to given schedule for all classes. There will be 10 minutes relaxation for students and they must reach within the time otherwise they will be marked as absent.

No student is allowed to leave class, practical or clinical without permission of the teacher or at the end of the concerned session.

After 04 days of regular / irregular absence without any information, explanation letter will be issued.

After 10 regular or irregular absences, 1st warning letter will be issued.

After 15 regular or irregular absences, 2nd warning letter will be issued.

After 20 regular or irregular absences, 3rd (last) warning letter will be issued.

Further, suspension or termination of a student who does not follows the campus rules and regulations.

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