Nursing is a science and an art which is guided by research and governed by a code of ethics. Nurses focus on attaining, re-attaining and maintaining optimal health and functioning of individuals, families and communities. The Profession continues to develop a wide body of knowledge and associated skills. There are a number of educational paths to become a professional nurse involving extensive study, practice and training. Professional Nursing can offer you a wide variety of employment opportunities and settings in which you can work. In major hospitals, health care teaching institutions, rehabilitation centers and community agencies worldwide. The “sky is the limit” for the many challenging roles and opportunities that exist for professional nurses. The thing that’s great about a nursing career is the range of opportunity for work and intellectual growth.


Located in the most scenic city of Pakistan, New Life College strives to be a center of excellence and rigor. Moreover, the latest educational and clinical technologies, integration with state of art Civil Hospital Karachi, Abbasi Shaheed Hospital Karachi and Dar-ul-Sehat, well reputed faculty members blended with national and international linkages make New Life just a right choice.

Teaching Learning Strategies

The faculty at New Life School & College of Nursing endeavors to implement various available modes of learning and teaching to maximize the output of potential nurses. Some of the methods that are utilized are:

• Interactive Lectures
• Tutorials / PBLs
• Clinical Conferences
• Case Studies
• Concept Mapping, Double Jump
• Seminars / Student Presentations
• Skills Demonstration /Re-demonstration, OSCE
• Field Trips
• Students Projects
• Health Education / Teaching
• Group Discussion

Evaluation of Student Performance

Evaluation of performance is a part of the learning process, and will be used step by step to determine whether instructional objectives are being achieved. To assess student competencies, skills, and attitudes, a variety of assessment methods are used including essay questions, multiple choice questions, practical and oral examinations, assignments and clinical tests. Evaluation of student performance is an on-going process and is covered by continuous assessment (including surprise tests, Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and annual/university examination. Credit from the continuous assessments contributes towards the final examination. Mandatory requirements for eligibility for writing a university examination include 75% percent attendance in all classes and 100% attendance in clinical. Persistent unsatisfactory performance or chronic absenteeism could lead to withdrawal of a student from college.


The faculty at New Life School & College of Nursing is one of its major strengths. The College strives to choose its faculty members for their excellence and leadership. They combine a commitment to excellence in patient care and clinical teaching with a drive to develop new knowledge and insights in the field of nursing.